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"Hi Anne and Ron!

Thank you for a job well done and in time!
Three weeks ago I contacted Eco Alt Energy for a 10kw, on the roof solar system. I was still looking at solar panel quality and inverter technologies. After having a 20 minute conversation with Anne, who is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the solar business, we decided to go with 290W panels made by Hanwa and micro inverters by AP Systems, 34 panels and 17 inverters.
One week later, Ron and his two sons plus an apprentice showed up and did some work in the attic to reinforce the rafters, laid the racks on the metal roof and a few days later started to attach the solar panels and inveters.

They also took care of the building permit and ESA inspection and now our 10 kw system is up and running and generating at least 70 kwh per sunny day, way more than our needs. Through net metering, we would use the excess energy to get credit in the winter months. This system will also cover charging our 80 kw electric car.

Everyone was very patient with us and answered our many questions. Nice doing business with you!" Dominic & Barbara


Home off grid solar  panel installation by Eco Alternative Energy

Commercial solar panel installation in Eastern Ontario - Sharbot Lake Eco Alternative Energy

"We have recently purchased a 10KW. Solar panel array from Eco Alternative Energy based in Sharbot Lake. We had always intended to purchase solar panels for sustainability reasons, but the recent Ontario Government MicroFit programme has given us the economic rational as well. The 80 cent per KHW guaranteed buy-back rate basically finances our purchase over six to ten years and grid link ensures that the array is essentially near zero-maintenance.
Given the benefits of the MicroFit programme it is not surprising to see many dealers advertising the sale of solar panel arrays. We wanted to buy from an established dealer, preferably local. It turns out that Anne and Ron kortekaas of Eco Alternative are, in country terms practically neighbors. The work done by Eco Alternative energy was exemplary. The installation was done on time, professionally and at the budgeted cost. Ron took extra time to address my wife's concerns that the panels would be placed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Anne dealt with the mess of contracts and permits required. We are very pleased with the work done and we have the additional comfort of knowing that Eco Alternative Energy will still be around when the current glut of quick-profit solar dealers is gone. We would not hesistate to recommend Eco Alternative energy for this type of work." David D

"We are thrilled with our microFIT grid-tie system. Having been so impressed with your installation of our back-up panel system in 2006, we had no hesitation in asking you to put together and install this major project for us.
You have the knowledge, skill and attention to detail that we admire, and your careful and accurate workmanship is second to none. Added to this is great value for money, always an important consideration. Another significant advantage is your well-established relationship with the other parties involved in setting up these projects: the Electrical Safety Authority, Ontario Hydro, Hydro One networks and the Ontario Power Authority. That's a lot to deal with, and we were grateful to have you do it for us so seamlessly!
Our 44 panels were installed in 2 1/2 days, and 2 weeks later, we started to produce power for the grid: income for us, and a contribution to the environment (clean power and carbon dioxide saved from going in to the air – 750 lbs in a little over 2 weeks!)" Cynthia
Home off grid solar  panel installation by Eco Alternative Energy

10 kw solar tracker energy array - Eco Alternative Energy "Hey Ron, Anne,
I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did installing the 10Kw solar tracker system at my place on Hungry Lake. It's working great and so far has generated 1420kWh in 24 days, and the weather has been pretty hit and miss since it has been in. That's approx $1200 in just less than 4 weeks.....Here's a little summary of my experience dealing with you guys:
I picked Eco-Alternative in Sharbot lake because I got a good feeling about the set up when I met Ron at my cottage. Ron took the time to explain everything I asked and we must have walked back and forth about 2 or 3 times over the 24 acres to try to determine the best spot to install it. What we both agreed upon was a challenge to say the least. Up on top of a 30' hill inaccessable by vehicle but open and above the tree line. It was without doubt the best spot but would make it very challenging to get the equipment and materials up there. Ron took this in his stride. The 'nothing is too much trouble' approach impressed me and left me feeling confident that I had made the right decision. Then I got to know Anne initially through email and occasionally by phone and again was genuinely impressed with her whole attitude towards customer service and fantastic organisational skills to ensure that everything fit into place in the order and timeline in which it was supposed to. It is a family business that has been established in the area for a number of years. They are a great team and between them manage the whole process from start to finish. It was a pleasure doing business with them and i would not hesitate to recommend them.
Please call me if you have any questions about the company or the installation or want to see one installed at my place (mike - ##########)
Thanks again Ron and Anne (and the rest of the family who helped).....take care and if there's anyone who wants to talk to past customers please feel free to pass them my way." Mike

"When I started exploring the possibility of embarking on the "microFIT#quot; programme I heard various stories about difficult red tape.
One of the best things about eco-alternative energy is that they do all the red tape, the customer isn't necessarily bothered with it at all. Everything is thoroughly and well explained. Approvals come through smoothly and promptly. The installation (in my case the maximum number of panels on a barn roof) was prompt and professional, using what seemed to be top-of-the-line materials. Now my barn is feeding in to the grid, and I'm happy, thanks to Ron and Anne Kortekaas." Peter P
MicroFIT Ontario program project in Eastern Ontario - Eco Alternative Energy

Solar energy home system by Eco Alternative Energy Sharbot Lake "Eco Alternative Energy installed a 10 KW solar system on the roof of our home in August 2010. Ron and his crew did a great job. We're very satisfied with the products and workmanship received.

The system looks neat and uniform in appearance. The panel support rails and hardware are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Ron took care to ensure to additional holes were drilled in our metal roof. The crew was very knowledgeable and respectful of our property. Ann provided assistance with OPA from submitting the initial application, right through to accepting the final contract. The price we were quoted for the system was the price we paid; no hidden charges. All together, they have a great, professional team.

We're very pleased to recommend Ron and Ann Kortekaas and the crew at Eco Alternative Energy in Sharbot Lake." Mark and Irene P, Sydenham.

"Eco Alternative Energy of Sharbot Lake has installed two 10 KW Microfitt Solar Systems for me.
This first was a very challenging custom installation on the railings of a green roof.
Ron custom designed and custom built an adjustable racking system that works well with the unusual building. I find being able to change the angles improves both efficency and lessens snow build up.
The second was also a challenging job high on a 110 year old barn, Ron and his crew did a beautiful job on the heritage barn as well.
I also appreciate that Eco Alternative Energy is there to help negotiate with Ontario Power Authority, Hydro One and be there if anything does go wrong or just need normal servicing." Tom C
Solar energy installation in Eastern Ontario- MicroFIT - Eco Alternative Energy

Solar panel array - 8 x 175w - Eco Alternative Energy, Sharbot Lake "We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to have you install the eight 175W solar panels last July. Enough time has passed now, and we've been able to accurately assess the benefits of expanding our panels. As you know, in 2003 we were originally set up with four 110W solar panels to work in conjunction with our diesel generator. We learned that they were only good for a trickle charge into our batter bank, and the generator had to run every 2-3 days.
Thanks to your expertise in assessing our situation, you have given us the perfect balance of panels and batteries to effectively meet our usage needs. On sunny days we have seen the panels charge our battery bank equal to what the generator would have charged, but without burning costly diesel. If we get three rainy days in a row, the generator automatically kicks on. But as long as the sun is shining, the batteries are satisfied for sometimes up to two or more weeks at a time. As you know, where we live, we don't have the option of being tied to the grid, so efficiency is our number one priority.
Having the right equipment installed is only half the battle. Having the right installer is the other half. You and Anne have far exceeded our expectations in service, advice, and dependability. You answer our questions with clarity and in a timely manner. You work with us until solutions are achieved. We've concluded that you are this way because you sincerely care about your customers. A simple 'thank you' doesn't quite cover it. If there is anything we can do to help promote your business, we would appreciate your suggestions." Dan and Heather K

"We would like to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you over the past few years since we had our house constructed during 2006/2007.
The original installation of the solar photo voltaic system and emergency power source has been a success with the generator proving invaluable many times during Hydro outages to ourselves and neighbors.
Your support and guidance in our application for the MicroFIT set up with Hydro One and the OPA has been fantastic, especially as I work away from home for considerable periods.
Please feel free to use us as reference in the future as we will be more than happy to oblige" Paul and Marilyn C
Solar photo voltaic system - Eco Alternative Energy

Roof top photovoltaic energy system - Eco Alternative Energy "I write to thank you both for the services you provided in respect of our purchase of a roof photovoltaic system. The ordering and installation of our system was executed very smoothly and required only minimal input from my wife and me. In addition, you have provided invaluable support in assisting us in negotiating our way through the Ontario Power Authority, Hydro One Network and the Electrical Safety Authority requirements for the FIT program. Attempting to complete this process on our own at this early stage of the Ontario Government's FIT program would have been daunting and frustrating." Don McD

"Now that I have my official OPA contract in hand, have received my first payments from Milton Hydro, and have a few months of power generation under my belt, I feel that I can officially say that the installation and start-up phase of my solar panel project is complete.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Eco Alternative Energy for the terrific job that your company did with the design and installation of my system. I am very satisfied with the end result and I have no reservations at all about recommending your company to others who are looking to install a solar array.

Every employee that I dealt with was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable and undertook their duties in a very competent and professional manner. Eco Alternative Energy is lucky to have employees of this calibre and you should be proud that you have these people representing your company.

I must give special kudos to the first person that I met from Eco Alternative Energy – Rob Clack. As I jokingly told Rob in an email – "I am one of your worst nightmares; an engineer with time on his hands"! Rob was able to answer all of the questions that I threw at him and he was very helpful in selecting the components that best suited our needs and getting me the requested information on them. Even a last minute revision to the design to substitute black panels on the front of the house didn't faze him.

The installation crew of Cameron, Steve and Brian were great to work with and didn't seem to mind that I followed them around, snapping lots of pictures and asking lots of questions, as they carried out their work. I told Cameron up front that I was "quite particular" and that I wanted an installation that would not take away from the aesthetics of our home. I am pleased to say that the guys went above and beyond to make sure that everything was properly aligned and centered so that the view from the street was appealing. The best testament that they could have received was that my wife liked the look of the installed panels, which she really did!

The two electricians, Rob and Steve, were also very conscientious in their installation work, making sure that the conduits were installed tight up against the eaves of the garage as they ran to the back of the house, and were parallel and plumb as they ran down from the upper roof. The electrical installations that I have seen on some other vendor's systems were not very well done and that makes me all the more appreciative of the extra efforts that your employees took to ensure that I was satisfied with the end result.

The one employee that I didn't meet in person, but who I am convinced was the driving force behind keeping everything on track, was Melissa. Again, she responded quickly to any queries that I had and was always on top of what needed to be done next. She even provided a step by step set of instructions on what to do when I finally received my MicroFIT contract from the OPA. Her assistance at getting through all the bureaucracy involved with the project was invaluable, from my point of view.

Looking back over the entire process I can honestly say that if I was going to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing. I have been closely monitoring the output of the panels and they are performing better than predicted. I'm sure the mild winter has had some effect on that, but I am very pleased with the overall performance numbers that I have been seeing. I really like the Enphase Enlighten monitoring system and the ability to "drill down" to the individual panel level to examine the performance levels.

In closing, I would just like to say a heartfelt "thank you" to you and your staff for helping make my first foray into the world of solar energy a positive and rewarding experience. Please feel free to share my comments and you can also use me as a reference for prospective customers. I am proud of my system and would be happy to discuss my experience with others who are looking at installing solar panels on their property."

Tom K
Customer  service at Eco Alternative Energy testimonial

roof top solar panel installation "I would like to share the experience I have recently had with Eco Alternative Energy, as it has truly been a unique one. I have no problem admitting that I am too much of a perfectionist for my own good and at times even hard to please. (family can confirm) That being said, the positive experience I have enjoyed from start to finish with this solar installation says a lot for this company, its values and its dedication to 110% customer satisfaction. Not knowing the first thing about solar, Rob made sure all of my questions were answered and inquiries satisfied which only led to more questions (there were a lot of them) which were all patiently answered until my family and I were completely comfortable and confident.
And then finally..... well, nothing. That was just it. Rob just provided all the information, and answered all of our questions using their in depth knowledge and experience of the industry. That was it. We felt that we could do what we liked with that information. There was never a question as to when we were planning or thinking of doing a solar install. There was never a, "So?? Should we proceed with the paperwork?" We never felt one bit pressured - just informed.
As far as I'm concerned, that's a great way to do business. Once WE decided to proceed, the information didn't stop there.
Eco Alternative Energy made sure that we were aware of all the necessary steps and what the order of occurrence was going to be, whether with the Ontario Power Authority or with our own municipal hydro supplier.
We knew at every turn what was happening. Great communication. They assisted us with all the forms and applications that we are responsible for under the microFit program.
Then there was the install. Well, the easiest way to describe the quality and attention to detail with the entire installation process is - I think I have finally found my twin brothers. And I thought I was picky! I was told by the sales team that their installation crew Cameron and Steve are the best in the business. Well as far as I'm concerned, these guys should be the ONLY installation crew, world renown and in high demand across Canada for their exceptional work.
You are the customer, and they come ready to please and satisfy. Cameron never made us feel like we don't know anything about solar panels and therefore should not be asking or requesting anything different than what they are doing. It was awesome to know that these guys are the ones coming back to your home every day until the project was complete. The final product looks really sharp and is definitely a head turner when driving down our street. Well, if this review sounds a little too positive and over the top, it's because that's exactly what the whole experience was like and you have every right to know what to expect.
They set their own bar high - and don't disappoint.
At the end of the day it was quite a refreshing experience unlike some of the regular stories you hear out there in regards to dealing with contractors - and ... we are left with a GREAT looking solar panel system. Brilliant! (no pun indented)."
Joel C., North York ON
10kW Solar System Installed

"It has been 17 months since my Eco Alternative Energy System was commissioned (Jan, 2012), I have seen the system operate through all seasons. To say I am pleased would be an understatement. I recall the early days when I would come home and look to see the production for the day and see a new 'production record' almost every day trough the Spring of 2012. 'We generated 20 Kwh today' I would say to my wife and as the days get longer the of course the generation also grew. Of course, I now know that the power generation follows the seasonal cycles.
For my system, 19 Panels on my roof, my best production day was 33 Kwh and a sunny day from April to Sept will be in or near the 30Kwh range.
From the very start, Robert and the Team were there for me guiding me through every step and answering all my questions, from the online MicroFit application through registering the Business and getting a business number from Revenue Canada. Of course ECO took care of the full design and installation from the drawings and engineering approvals to the Grid tie in.
I have absolutely zero regret and this is a great business to be in. The second statement I now get from Toronto Hydro shows my production and the money they owe Me! I have found that the estimated production numbers were conservative by 23%. In 2012 my system generated a ROI of 10% after expenses based on power generation alone.
I highly recommend Eco Alternative Energy based on my experience and would be happy to talk to anyone about my system and Eco Alternative Energy."
Steve S., Toronto ON
4.85kW Solar System Installed
Solar panels on residential home

Ontario rural ground mounted solar array "My rural ground mounted solar panel array presented many site challenges, but Eco Alt Energy found an effective simple and economical solution. The Solar giant they installed was the first in North America and has worked perfectly! Derek Wilson and his staff confidently guided me through the micro FIT process and installed my system on time and on budget. It has performed above estimates and I am very pleased with my 4.8 kW array. The exceptional knowledge, professionalism and customer service that EAE has always shown lead me to highly recommend this company to all those interested in quality Solar projects. Thank you Eco Alternative Energy!"
Susan B, King City
Vice Chair of the King Environmental Advisory Committee

"From the very beginning as I was learning about the benefits of Solar, Eco Alternative Energy was there for me. They were extremely patient with answering all of my questions and worked hard to meet my rather demanding standards. Quite simply, they are the very best in their field"
Spencer K, Scarborough, ON
Residential roof top solar panels- Eco Alternative Energy

MicroFIT solar panel system- Eco Alternative Energy "I decided to have Eco Alternative Energy install my 3.2 kW PV system a few years ago. I have found it a pleasure to deal with all of the folks at the company right from the initial project assessment to the commissioning stage as well as on-going support with questions that I may have from time-to-time; they have always been very responsive. I was particularly pleased to have Derek working on my project since he is very knowledgeable of not just the different products, but also the administration around dealing with the incentive programs (i.e. Micro-FIT) and the local electricity distributor. My system now provides my family with a steady financial return. It also has helped me educate my children and shown my fellow neighbours on just how practical harnessing solar energy can be for a regular homeowner."
Tim S, Toronto

"I evaluated a lot of vendors and I chose Eco Alternative for my solar system for their in-depth knowledge, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. They were a pleasure to work with from the start to finish and even months after the installation they continue to be very responsive to any questions I have. I highly recommend them!"
John Tabone - Toronto, ON (Finalist for Greenest Home - Live Green Toronto Awards)
Live Green Toronto Award Winner- roof top solar energy system

Testimonial from Markham Ontario for solar energy installation "I would like to thank Eco Alternative Energy for making the purchase and installation of my solar system a pleasant experience. I am pleased with how they worked to maximize the number of panels my roof could support and to accommodate my request for special installation hardware. I also appreciate the fact that they ensured I had access to more powerful panels that became available between the time of purchase and install, again maximizing the amount my system will produce. Having been on-line now for about 5 months, the system is performing better than I expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Eco Alternative."
Howard N, Markham ON

"Eco Alternative Energy has been very professional in their installation at my residence in Oakville. Not only has the installation been done professionally but let follow up after the installation has been great. A problem with panel was detected by them and they sourced the problem and fixed it. It is a pleasure to work a firm that warrants their work and installation."
Thanks, JP, Oakville ON
Professional solar energy installation - Eco Alternative Energy

Oakville solar energy residential project - Eco Alternative Energy "Eco Alternative Energy was definitely the right choice for our family. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with the entire team. We spoke with at least a dozen solar providers before we settled on Eco Alternative Energy.
Here is a list of why we picked them:
1) Professional with a lot of past experience
2) Knowledgeable about solar systems and the business impacts
3) Friendly
4) Assisted us with all of the administrative documentation throughout the process
5) Able to answer questions anytime we needed them
6) Install micro inverter systems
After 6 months of operation, our system has been performing above Eco Alternatives estimates, generating more income for us. We definitely appreciate all of their work and we would definitely recommend Eco Alternative Energy!"
Heather and Paul, Oakville ON

"As a client of Eco Alternative Energy, I found their team of people easy to deal with, attentive to my wishes, prices fair and reasonable, installation extremely efficient and post installation great. My system works like a charm and I am already receiving cheques from Toronto Hydro.
I have already recommended the company to others"
John HP, (Don Mills)
MicroFIT program solar energy installation - Toronto Ontario

MicroFIT Ontario solar panel installation- Caledon Ontario "Our Solar System was planned and constructed in 2010 as Ontario Power Authority was well underway with the MicroFIT program. It took some time to get the system approved and producing cash flow, however, through the process, Eco Alternative Energy representatives were courteous and professional - helping guide us through the challenges. We are pleased with the system and so far, the production has exceeded the original monthly forecasts."
Mark H, Caledon

"We just produced our first MegaWatt of power and we couldn't be happier with our 3.8Kw Microfit Roof Mount Solar Installation. We want to thank everyone at Eco-Alternative Energy for a top-notch installation. It was a pleasure to deal with an experienced team that absolutely loves what they do! Your passion for the environment and enthusiasm for solar energy was evident throughout the project.
The office staff was fantastic at filing all the necessary paperwork for the Microfit contract and dealing with building permits. They were polite, professional, and prompt in replying to all our concerns. The technical team and installers were equally impressive. We are both engineers and had no shortage of questions, suggestions, and requests. We were treated with great respect and felt like we were part of the team!
The Eco-Alternative team confidently met the challenge of a very tight deadline under the Microfit rules. They installed our 20 panel system in two days. The final electrical work and certification was completed in record time to qualify our system for the Microfit program. The system has been working well since it went live in December 2010 and we have received our first payment from Hydro for our power production.
We are looking forward to watching our system contribute to a cleaner energy future over the next 20 to 30 years. We would not hesitate to recommend Eco-Alternative Energy to anyone who wants to install a solar system. This is a company that really cares about what they do.
Thanks again!" Linda and Fred, Toronto
MicroFIT Feed In Tariff installation - Toronto Ontario

Micro FIT roof top solar project Thornhill Ontario "Even though I consider myself reasonably well informed in terms of the Micro-Fit program - both technically and financially - it was a pleasure interacting with Eco Alternative Energy from day one. They beat all my expectations in terms of their knowledge of solar equipment, pricing and customer service. Their professionalism provided me with the right advice at each step of my Micro-Fit journey. I am proud of my solar installation as well as my association with Derek, Rob and Melissa. Way to go guys!"
Alok S, Thornhill

"When you do your research and decide that you are going to go solar, one of the problems you run into is that many of the people taking the same beginner courses with you, even the ones who know less than you do about solar production, are planning to go into the solar business as soon as the course is complete. In light of this, it is good to find a company like Eco Alternative Energy who have been around long enough to know both the science and logistics of putting together and installing a solar system, and they have the contacts with the local hydro companies so setting up your account as an electricity generator goes flawlessly. There is not a single negative thing I can say about my dealing with Eco Alternative Energy. " Don E, Newmarket Economical solar energy roof system - Eco Alternative Energy